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Few studies have been publicised concerning female gamers in Europe (e.g., sex games constructor Eklund, 2011; Lewis and Griffiths, 2011; McLean and Griffiths, 2013; Shaw, 2011). Findings from these qualitative studies have shown women unremarkably play casual games, typically for shorter periods compared with men, although half of these studies ( Eklund, 2011; Lewis and Griffiths, 2011) too state female gamers fiddle MMORPGs. These studies, however, take non explored wherefore women play videogames, stating they only recognize they are “wasting clock for gaming” ( Lewis and Griffiths, 2011). To the best of the present authors’ noesis, the connection 'tween excessive time expended playing videogames, the bet on genres played, and the potency of developing habituation problems in female person gamers remains unknown region.

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